Does Sensa Make Sense?

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sensa reviews | Along with the the bulk of diet pills and weight loss remedies that perennially pop up on the market, Sensa, a type of powdered weight loss aid, has cropped up claiming to be the new weight loss solution. Sensa, also known as "the sprinkle diet" is a weight loss aid made up of maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, silica and different flavorings.

The idea behind Sensa is that it speeds up your natural satiety cues by affecting your body's "Sensory Specific Satiety." It comes in various different assortments of sweet and savory flavors including cheddar cheese, onion, horseradish, ranch dressing, taco, Parmesan cheese, cocoa, spearmint, banana strawberry, raspberry and malt. All of the flavor packets are calorie, sodium and sugar free. Users of the product are told to simply sprinkle the Sensa over each of their meals and they will feel fuller sooner and consequently, eat less and thus consume fewer calories. The Sensa plan appeals to many people because it doesn't come with any restricted foods, meal plans to follow or require any measuring and calorie counting.

Unlike many other diet pills and gimmicks available, Sensa does not contain any harmful ingredients, however, it also has very little scientific evidence backing it up. Although there have been some positive Sensa reviews, as with many diet pills, it is likely the the weight loss achieved was through calorie reduction and exercise unrelated to the product. For some users, there may also be a placebo effect of using the Sensa. According to the makers of Sensa, using this product can help dieters lose up to 30 pounds of belly fat in six months.

 For the vast majority of those who have tried Sensa, however, the results have not been the miracle, pound dropping sprinkles they were hoping for and did not result in any weight loss. As well, for many people who are overweight, the problem is less about identifying and feeling full, but wanting to continue eating past one's fullness. Just because you have some Sensa sprinkled over that gooey chocolate brownie doesn't mean you are not going to gobble the whole thing up.

Does Lipozene Live Up to the Hype?

With a market value of over 60 billion dollars per year, there is no doubt that the weight loss industry in the United States is a big business! Consumers are constantly looking for the magic pill to help solve weight woes. The ads for Lipozene on television and in magazines would lead consumers to believe that this is it! This diet pill claims to help consumers lose weight and burn fat. Lipozene touts itself as an appetite suppressant and a fat burner that can help dieters shed pounds quickly and easily.

So, does Lipozene live up to the hype?

The active ingredient in Lipozene is glucomannan. Glucomannan is nothing more than a soluble fiber. Soluble fiber does exactly what Lipozene claims it does. Fiber fills the stomach and helps the dieter feel full more quickly and for a longer period.

This full feeling suppresses appetite meaning the dieter eats less. Many customer reviews report that dieters did feel fuller and were encouraged to eat less. Soluble fiber however, is not exclusive to Lipozene. This can be found in many foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Dietary changes to include these foods in meals have more health benefits and are much less expensive than diet supplements such as Lipozene.

Lipozene also claims to reduce fat without diet and exercise. This is only partially true. The body may burn some fat for fuel due to the reduction of food taken in as a result of the appetite suppressant qualities of Lipozene. Lipozene is not a fat burner. If fat is burned, it is only in situations where dieters are taking in fewer calories than the body needs.

Even in this instance, it is the body doing all the work, and not any active ingredient in Lipozene causing fat to burn. This means that if the dieter continues to make poor dietary choices and does not exercise, he or she could still take in more calories per day than the body needs. This could actually cause continued accumulation of fat – even while taking Lipozene. Lipozene as an appetite suppressant would actually work best with diet and exercise rather than without it.

Finally, Lipozene has not been evaluated nor approved by the FDA for effectiveness or safety. Lipozene side effects, while not known to be dangerous, can be very uncomfortable according to customer/lipozene reviews. These side effects include gas, bloating, cramping and diarrhea.

Some dieters reported cramping so severe that Lipozene was discontinued after only a few days of use. With no proof of effectiveness, some iffy claims on weight loss and fat burning properties and some uncomfortable side effects, it is worth considering if the benefits outweigh the costs before purchase.

Acai Berry Select Diet Supplement

Acai Berry comes equipped with a diet and exercise program that insures many benefits for those women looking to lose weight. Their product is spreading through out the media from magazine articles to promotion on the television show telling of how these diet pils help with contributing to a healthier lifestyle. From great customer service skills to ensuring a money back guaranteed the representatives of Acai Berry Select are dedicated to providing the quality and valued services needed to their customers.

Ingredients In Acai Berry Select

The history of this fabulous acai berries ages back to hundreds of years ago in Brazilian Amazon cultures as a key ingredient in their food. The acai berry grows from the acai plum tree and are also known as a health benefit for many. These diet pils have a combined mixture of active ingredients that are sure to help women lose belly fat and it includes:
  • Acai Berry extract
  • chromium as polynicotinate
  • EGCG from green tea extract
  • 1- theanine
  • and other ingredients like vegetable capsules
With these ingredients combined they have produced a diet supplement that maintains the healthy lifestyle of all women, from the mother on the go to the business woman working late nights and early mornings. Though this supplement isn't used for diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing diseases it's benefits can play an important role in joining the world today in healthier living.

Benefits Of Acai Berry Select
Some of the greatest benefits that brings pleasure to customers who buy acai are as follows:
  • weight loss,
  • increase energy, metabolism and fat oxidation,
  • fatigue fighting
  • and powerful antioxidant support.
Three free premium bonuses are offered upon your purchase that assure to be of great use in helping losing weight. The first bonus includes are a free membership to the Weight Management Club which offers an online fitness program to take advantage of. The second bonus is an E-book download with 71 weight loss tips. The third and last bonus is a MP3 download on weight loss visualization for listening.

Customer Testimonial
For years I've been trying anything I could think of to help me lose this excessive belly fat with no success. That is until I found out about Acai Berry diet pills from my sister. I tried it and I have to say I was surprised to see a change in just 30 days. Now I'm so excited and ready for the summer, so I can wear my two piece bikini.
-Andrea, USA