Does Lipozene Live Up to the Hype?

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With a market value of over 60 billion dollars per year, there is no doubt that the weight loss industry in the United States is a big business! Consumers are constantly looking for the magic pill to help solve weight woes. The ads for Lipozene on television and in magazines would lead consumers to believe that this is it! This diet pill claims to help consumers lose weight and burn fat. Lipozene touts itself as an appetite suppressant and a fat burner that can help dieters shed pounds quickly and easily.

So, does Lipozene live up to the hype?

The active ingredient in Lipozene is glucomannan. Glucomannan is nothing more than a soluble fiber. Soluble fiber does exactly what Lipozene claims it does. Fiber fills the stomach and helps the dieter feel full more quickly and for a longer period.

This full feeling suppresses appetite meaning the dieter eats less. Many customer reviews report that dieters did feel fuller and were encouraged to eat less. Soluble fiber however, is not exclusive to Lipozene. This can be found in many foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Dietary changes to include these foods in meals have more health benefits and are much less expensive than diet supplements such as Lipozene.

Lipozene also claims to reduce fat without diet and exercise. This is only partially true. The body may burn some fat for fuel due to the reduction of food taken in as a result of the appetite suppressant qualities of Lipozene. Lipozene is not a fat burner. If fat is burned, it is only in situations where dieters are taking in fewer calories than the body needs.

Even in this instance, it is the body doing all the work, and not any active ingredient in Lipozene causing fat to burn. This means that if the dieter continues to make poor dietary choices and does not exercise, he or she could still take in more calories per day than the body needs. This could actually cause continued accumulation of fat – even while taking Lipozene. Lipozene as an appetite suppressant would actually work best with diet and exercise rather than without it.

Finally, Lipozene has not been evaluated nor approved by the FDA for effectiveness or safety. Lipozene side effects, while not known to be dangerous, can be very uncomfortable according to customer/lipozene reviews. These side effects include gas, bloating, cramping and diarrhea.

Some dieters reported cramping so severe that Lipozene was discontinued after only a few days of use. With no proof of effectiveness, some iffy claims on weight loss and fat burning properties and some uncomfortable side effects, it is worth considering if the benefits outweigh the costs before purchase.

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